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As a newbie travel blogger myself, I admire so many well-established and more experienced travel bloggers. There is just so much travel inspiration, beautiful travel photography, interesting travel stories, and serious wanderlust to enjoy. I especially love the female travel bloggers..I am all about girls supporting girls and #feminism!

Four incredible travel blogger ladies generously sat down to share some of their travel wisdom, including biggest lessons learned and some of their favorite travel anecdotes. Each of these inspiring women represent some of my personal favorite travel accounts, so read on and enjoy!

Anna Kloots from Travel Outside the Box

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Anna describes herself as a “full-time wanderer & writer, content creator, and dreamer. I’ve been to 76 countries, 6 continents, & 36 American states”. I am so impressed by her travel stats and stories (she is married to a magician!), but she remains relatable and humble!

Find her on instagram @traveloutsidethebox

What is your biggest lesson learned from traveling?

My biggest lesson is to make each place you go your own. I started traveling before instagram, and I see the way it has changed things. I used to get to a place and just get lost! I’d have a few recs from friends or magazines that I might track down, but mostly I just explored and found my own treasures. Now, people seem determined to visit certain IG hotspots to get the shot they saw, or re-create someone else’s experience they saw or read about. They sometimes devote hours to getting there, waiting in lines, and doing crazy things to just “get the shot.” That’s not travel in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what photos you walk away with, it matters what memories you have and moments you make, YOUR moments. You’re not going to properly experience a place hunting down popular spots you saw online, go find your own is my best advice. 

 Share a favorite travel anecdote 

 Probably my husband and I totally messing up our VISA requirements for our honeymoon! We both had been traveling the world nonstop for years, and we just totally overlooked it. We flew to India via Paris, and when we tried to board the second flight, we were denied! We totally overlooked needing a VISA for India, and got trapped in Paris. But then we realized we were trapped – IN PARIS. Our favorite city! We made lemonade out of lemons, and spent two fabulous days there while our emergency VISAS were being processed, and then resumed the trip. It all worked out okay, but now I’m extra diligent. 

Leah Shoup from Gringa Journeys

Leah introduces herself by saying “My name is Leah, a 26-year-old who aspires to travel and learn as much as possible. I work as a translator and speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese”. Aside from having the best name ever (hehe) I so enjoy following her on her various travels!

Find her on instagram @leahshoup

or on Pinterest @gringajourneys

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while traveling?

Be flexible. As someone who is super type A, I have always had trouble being flexible when things don’t go as planned. However, the more and more I began to travel, the more I realized that this was a nice symbol for life. We make plans, but our lives always turn out differently than expected. This is how we grow, and maybe your trip will be turn out better than you had thought because of the unplanned experiences!

Share a favorite travel anecdote

I don’t know that I have any funny stories I can think of at the moment, but I’ve had lots of fun moments. One of my favorites of this year was spending the day in Windsor for the Royal Wedding (Harry & Meghan). I made friends with some Englishmen in the crowd and they thought it was funny that they could understand our American accents with no problem, but that we had trouble understanding British English slang! They treated us to some Pimm’s and we chatted about the differences in our cultures until the procession began. It was a great day!

Jasmine Elias from

travel blogger interview leah little travel & fashion jasmine elias

Jasmine says “you can typically find me with a smile on my face giggling my way through life”. Her smiling happy face is always a joy to see! And she is my soul sister in not just loving travel, but having a passion for fashion too!

Find her on instagram @jasmine.elias

What is your biggest lesson learned while traveling?

My biggest lesson learned in travel is to be easy going. When things go wrong (and they will go wrong) you have to be able to roll with the punches. Whether the weather cancels plans, a delayed flight cuts into plans, your activity of choice is over booked, or whatever it may be, know something will go wrong. You just have to embrace it. Remember how fortunate you are to be in a new place and new surroundings. Even if the trip isn’t exactly how you envisioned it, you have to make the most of it.

While in Italy, visiting the Blue Grotto was at the top of my list. I spent weeks planning, daydreaming and pinteresting. Unfortunately, the night before our excursion, a thunderous storm rolled in making the route to the Blue Grotto too treacherous to venture to. Being bummed was an understatement. After 10 minutes of sulking, I started looking for other options. I knew I was in a beautiful surrounding and was not going to let that time go to waste. My husband and I ended up being able to hire a boat to take us around. Actually, I asked the first man I saw on the docks with a boat and he agreed. To this day, it remains one of the most romantic and incredible experiences I ever had. I didn’t get to see the Blue Grotto (someday, I’ll be back for it) but I did end up enjoying Capri to the fullest.

 There are so many moving pieces when traveling and time typically is not a luxury. Making the most of the situation and staying optimistic is key to having a good time.

Share a favorite travel anecdote.

One of my favorite travel anecdotes is traveling to the Philippines. I arrived in El Nido late at night and had to wait over an hour for transportation to our hotel after a 6 hour bus ride. I was tired, it was late, and I was starving. By the time we finally made it to our hotel, all dinner options in walking distance were closed. One of the sweetest hotel staff members said she was cooking dinner for her and the other staff members and invited me in. It was one of the coolest moments. I was sitting in the hotel kitchen with the staff, just enjoying a home cooked meal with strangers who instantly felt like family. We laughed, we ate, we shared stories and we all had a great evening together. It was the perfect start to one of my favorite trips in one of my favorite countries.

Christobel Mtegha from Christobel Travel

Christobel’s website is a little different from the others, because her site shares not just her own content, but other women’s content as well! She describes her site as “an online platform that promotes and celebrates travel, fashion, and cultural diversity”.

Find her on instagram @christobeltravel

What is your biggest lesson learned while traveling?

One big lesson that I have learned in travel is that we should never assume anything about the cultures and people around the world. What you see on TV about a particular nation and its people is very different from what you meet and see when you physically go there. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things from local people.


I hope you found these interviews to be helpful and thought provoking! I know that I will be incorporating their lessons learned in my own travels.  Their travel anecdotes make me want to hop on a plane right now and gather more of my own travel stories! Before booking your next flight, be sure to first check out my Secret Tips and Tricks So YOU Can Buy Cheap Flights!

Thank you all again ladies!!


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  1. I like that insight. It’s true that nowadays people want to re-create the same experience from others by finding the IG spot and re-creating the same photo. It’s like we’re traveling to get the photo or what. We spend too much time trying to get the photo, edit the photo, upload the photo, and then we forget to live in the moment, savor the moment, appreciate the other things beside those that are “IG-worthy”.

    1. wanderlustleah13 says:

      I agree! It’s definitely good advice. I know I need a reminder sometimes to balance the experience with the ig content 🙂

      1. That’s true for me too! Most of the time I enjoy the moment so much that I forget to think about my photos carefully, haha! But I have no regrets. As long as I write and I have photos, I can keep my moments and memories with me 🙂

  2. I love all those interviews of travel bloggers, amazing & inspiring😊😍❤️ Maybe next time you can interview me🙋‍♀️

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      Great idea Lenka! I will definitely add you next time

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  4. What a great post! So many good insights and I just added so many new accounts to my Instagram feed.

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      Thank you! I have so much fun following them 🙂

  5. Love all the insight here. And great idea as to how to present advice.

    1. wanderlustleah13 says:

      Thanks! I was so grateful to these women for taking the time!

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