tall boots 2 fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion amazon
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The Biggest Shoe Trends for Fall 2018

tall boots 2 fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion amazon
Over the knee boots and dress: Amazon

Shoe trends for Fall 2018 have seen the return of some women’s footwear from recent years, as well as the introduction to some newer trends for this season. Don’t worry, you will not have to go out and buy all new shoes for Fall 2018 (but don’t let me stop you!). Many of your shoes from last year will still work. However, there are a couple new(ish) trends that you may want to participate in this Fall season! See below for a roundup of Fall shoe trends for 2018 and my personal thoughts on each. Then, check back often to my Fashion page for updated trends!

Repeat shoe trends from 2017 and earlier


booties fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion
Booties – DSW

I don’t know about you, but I am relieved that ankle booties are back for Fall 2018. I often get anticipatory anxiety about trends I love becoming outdated….what will I do one day when scarves and booties go out of style!?! (breathe, Leah…).Thankfully, we do not need to worry about that yet, because booties are sticking around another year. They are just so dang fashionable and versatile. They can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, skirts, dresses. I love it all. Just make sure the heel is either flat or chunky to remain on-trend. Booties can be found in your classic neutrals; black, gray, brown, taupe and in bright colors and even fun prints.

                Over the knee boots

tall boots fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion
Over the knee boots and dress: Amazon

Another shoe trend we saw a bit last year were over-the-knee boots. I predict that they will become only more popular in the next couple years as a pendulum swing from the ankle booties that have been everywhere for the last few years. Personally, I struggle with over the knee boots. They can be worn over very tight pants or leggings, but this is tricky (and rather uncomfortable) when you do not have very slim thighs. Or, you can wear them with dresses like I did here. I love this look, however depending on where I am going, this can feel a bit risqué. I definitely cannot wear dresses with over the knee boots to work!

New(ish) trends for Fall 2018

                 Animal Print

leopard flats 2 fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion
Leopard print flats – Target

Animal prints are a huge trend this Fall from head to toe (just not all at once, please). Not only are we seeing the classic leopard print in women’s shoes, but we are seeing other animal prints too, like cheetah, zebra, and snakeskin. I have always felt that snakeskin is the great underrated animal print. For a toned-down look, pair animal print shoes with neutral clothes. Or, if you are feeling more daring, mix your animal prints and add pops of color! For tips on how to mix prints, join my 5 Day New Wardrobe Challenge!

                 Menswear inspired

Finally, another new trend in women’s footwear for Fall 2018 is pairing menswear inspired shoes with dresses and skirts of all hemline lengths. Truly, anything goes here; mules, oxfords, loafers, sneakers (especially the extra chunky variety), even combat boots. My style is definitely on the feminine side, so I am grateful that I can stay on trend by pairing some masculine shoes with my favorite girly dresses. Also, men’s shoe styles are so much more comfortable than heels! Maybe the new wave of feminism will include more trendy, yet comfortable fashion options for women. *fingers crossed*

combat boots fall shoe trends 2018 leah little travel & fashion
Combat boots – DSW, Dress: Amazon Fashion

I am a personal fan of almost everything happening in women’s shoe trends this Fall. The only ones I can’t get on board with currently are loafers and mules. They just feel so….grandpa-y. Trends that stick around a while tend to grow on me though…so we will see for the future! Do you like the loafer/mule trend for women this year? How do you feel about the other shoe trends listed above? Let me know what you think!

leopard flats fall shoe trends leah little travel & fashion
Leopard print flats from Target

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