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How I Wore $1,077 of Designer Clothing for $69

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Rent the Runway is the genius service that allows you to rent luxury designer dresses for special occasions at crazy low prices. Now, Rent the Runway also offers membership plans for renting everyday clothing! I have been a huge fan of Rent the Runway Reserve for formal occasions for years now. I have rented dresses for attending weddings, showers, and Broadway shows, and have loved the experience every time. Once Rent the Runway began offering memberships for everyday clothing, I knew that I wanted to give Rent the Runway memberships a try.

The Membership Plans

There are two tiers of membership plans; RTR Update and RTR Unlimited. RTR Update allows you to choose 4 separate articles of clothing to rent for the month. RTR Update costs $89/month, or just $69 for your trial month. RTR Unlimited allows you to choose 4 separate articles of clothing at a time, however you can swap for new items as often as you like throughout the month (hence the name unlimited). RTR Unlimited also gives members access to premium designers that the RTR Update members do not have access to. RTR Unlimited costs $159/month, or just $99/month for your trial month.

Membership fees include dry cleaning and rental insurance (don’t worry about spilling wine on your clothing items!).  2-day shipping is free both ways. And, as a member, you get 25% off RTR Reserve rentals.

Trial Month

Rent the Runway has a great app that I actually prefer to the full desktop website. It is so easy and fun to scroll and swipe through clothing items, and apply various filters to find the type of items you  may be looking for. The selection available was great, and I quickly “hearted” (ie. saved) a couple dozen clothing items. The best part, is that the price of the individual items does not matter, as they are all covered under the same monthly membership price!

Another aspect of Rent the Runway that I love are the reviews. You can see photos and reviews of real people (not just models) in every article of clothing. It doesn’t much help me to see an article of clothing on a 6 foot tall slim model. So, I search through the reviews looking for someone who has more my body shape (5’3″ and bottom heavy). That gives me an excellent idea of how an items will actually fit me and which size I should order.

I wanted to choose the least expensive membership to start, so I chose the $69 trial month of RTR Update. I did not have any special occasions planned, so I was hoping for items that would be versatile enough that I could style them for work or for regular weekend wear. Additionally, as I started my membership for September as the weather in Michigan turns cooler, I wanted one outerwear piece, and items that can be worn in warm or cool weather.

My Four Items

For my outwear piece, I chose this Cupcakes and Cashmere Lace Auretta Trench Coat ($175 retail). It was feminine and flattering. It came with a belt, but I just buttoned it up here. The buttons and buckles were a tortoiseshell brown, so I paired it with tan or brown shoes. I really enjoyed wearing this trench as the weather turned chillier.

rent the runway rtr trench leah little travel & fashion

rent the runway rtr trench leah little travel & fashion

Next, I rented this Theory Blue Helaina Dress ($365 retail). I absolutely LOVED this dress. The color was bright and bold. The cut was very flattering. I loved that there were lay-flat pockets with hidden zipper closures. I wore this dress multiple times throughout my trial month. I wore it with bare legs and flats when the weather was warmer, and I layered it with tights, cardigan, and scarf as the weather became colder. I would have bought this dress to keep if it were a bit longer. The hemline was just a bit too short to be work appropriate.

rent the runway rtr blue leah little travel & fashionrent the runway unlimited blue dress leah little travel & fashion

My second dress choice was this Pink Tartan brand Black Power Stretch Ballet Dress ($375 retail). I always wear bright colors, however I have vowed recently to wear more neutrals. I have been inspired by the chic neutral looks of many fashion bloggers and style influencers I follow. This dress was made of a very thick, almost scuba-like fabric and had a piping design that made it look very expensive.

rent the runway unlimited black dress leah little travel & fashionrent the runway unlimited black dress leah little travel & fashion

Finally, for my fourth item, I chose this Stylekeepers Gingham Midi Skirt.($107 retail). I knew I wanted something that would look nice in fall themed photos for my instagram. Midi length skirts are my absolute favorite, and this skirt did not disappoint. It was super cute, and I got so many compliments each time I wore it. The material was thinner than I would have liked, otherwise, I probably would have bought this item to keep as well.

rent the runway unlimited gingham skirt leah little travel & fashion

rent the runway unlimited gingham skirt leah little travel & fashion

The Verdict

At the end of my month, I simply returned the items using the garment bag provided at a UPS drop box. Once my items were on their way, I went back to my Rent the Runway app and identified whether I planned to return each item, or purchase at the discounted price and keep the item.

I really enjoyed my month of Rent the Runway Update. At the end of the month, I was able to wear $1,077 worth of designer clothing items for $69. That is a pretty phenomenal savings! I don’t plan to use Rent the Runway memberships every month, but I will definitely use it again. Especially when I have vacations, parties, or other special occasion events planned.

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      Thanks! I loved that jacket. So nice not to worry about a dry cleaning bill

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