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Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers on Amazon

The holiday season is upon us! Only a few more weeks to complete our Christmas shopping! If you are buying for a frequent traveler, or if you are a travel lover yourself, below is my holiday gift guide for travelers.  I have holiday gift ideas listed for every budget. Better yet? All items may be found on Amazon. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, scroll to the bottom to sign up and get Free 2 Day Shipping!

Under $20

Travel Wallet

This travel wallet is large enough to hold several cards, airplane and train tickets, keys, and a passport. It even has scan blocking technology so that credit card scanners will not work. Organization and peace of mind all in one gift.


Luggage Tags

These luggage tags come in 20 different colors and prints to fit anyone’s style. Feminine, masculine, and neutral prints available for any traveler you may need to gift this holiday season. The distinctive colors and patterns also make identifying luggage quick and easy at the baggage claim.


The Carry On Cocktail Kit

This carry on cocktail kit makes flying so much more classy and fun. It comes with a flavor mix, measuring cup, cocktail spoon, and cloth napkin. Just add the liquor purchased in-flight. There are several flavors. The kit listed below makes a Moscow mule.


Bra and Underwear Organizer

The organizer keeps bras, underwear, socks, accessories, swimsuits, or any small items in your luggage organized and protected.


Under $50


Scratch off world map

This gift will provide entertainment for years to come for any world traveler. You can scratch off all the states and countries visited to unveil bold colors. The one listed is the largest option on Amazon that would look beautiful framed in natural wood or gold.


Airplane Comfort Kit

I can fall asleep on any airplane any time, but not everyone shares this talent. This airplane comfort kit comes with a neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs in a carrying case to make any flight, bus, or train ride more comfortable.

xmas in flight comfort


Laundry Bags

I love all things Kate Spade, and these travel bags are no exception. There are 4 bags total in this set, with labels like “To Wash”, “To Wear”, and “Accessories”.


Bluetooth Earbuds

These Bluetooth earbuds are wireless and sit comfortably in the ears. Most traveler pass the time on airplanes, trains, or buses by listening to some form of media, be it music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

xmas earbuds


Under $100



I have been obsessed with globes for as long as I can remember. I still love sitting and looking at my globe to see where I have been, and where I want to go. This globe is tasteful and would look beautiful in any frequent traveler’s home.

xmas globe


Passport Holder

Kate Spade has several other adorable patterns. I have been obsessed with pink flamingos lately, so this pattern would be my top choice. Travel gifts for her can be practical or just fun.

xmas passport holder


Over $100


Luggage set

This spinner luggage set comes in various colors. Four wheels make the luggage so much easier to maneuver than luggage with just 2 wheels. I also love the hard top luggage sets since it better protects your items from all the damage that can be incurred while checking bags.

xmas luggage


Beats by Dre

There is virtually no debate as to the best brand of headphones on the market. Beats by Dre are heralded as the top pick of any music lover. This pair listed is wireless and comes in various colors. Rose Gold is my top pick.

xmas beats



GoPros are the tiny cameras that pack a ton of image quality. GoPros are ideal for hiking, action shots, underwater photos, and any time you may want to take pictures while traveling, without carrying a large and bulky camera.


Any Budget!


Airline Miles

Buy points to be used toward redeeming airline miles through Southwest Airlines. If I could ever ask for any gift, it would always be the ability to fly someplace new. When purchasing airline tickets, be sure to follow my Secret Tips and Tricks So YOU Can Buy Cheap Flights!


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