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5 Reasons to Give Shoedazzle a Try

Shoedazzle is another clothing subscription service. It seems everyday a new fashion subscription service pops up. I will admit, I am such a sucker for them. It is just so fun to look forward to regular shipments of shoes, clothes, accessories, or beauty products. I have tried Fabletics (blog post coming soon),  Rent the Runway (Update and Reserve), and Stitch Fix. I am willing to give most any of these clothing subscription services a try, then decide whether it is worth it to continue. This is exactly what I did with Shoedazzle. Read on for my top 5 reasons to give Shoedazzle a try.

1. VIP Membership

You can shop Shoedazzle anytime at regular prices, or you can sign up for a VIP membership to get reduced pricing and exclusive access to sales. Personally, I do not think that Shoedazzle would be worth it without getting the VIP membership. This is really where a subscription service offers something unique, as opposed to just shopping any other online shoe store.

How it Works

The Shoedazzle VIP Membership costs $39.95 each month. The entire amount can be applied to your purchase. Each month you will receive an email reminding you to shop your showroom. You will have 5 days to look through selections and decide whether you want to purchase something that month. The best part? If you don’t see anything you like, or just choose to skip the month for any reason, you just go to your account and choose to skip by the 5th and you are charged nothing! If you forget to skip by the 5th, your $39.95 charge will be a credit that you can save and use any time you are ready to make a purchase. When you are done with Shoedazzle, you can just call their number and cancel anytime.  Its really a win-win situation!

Bonus: When you first sign up for a new Shoedazzle VIP Membership, as an extra incentive, your first style is just $10!

shoedazzle vip membership shoes women's fashion clothing leah little travel & fashion
VIP Members get access to insanely good sales, like this one!
shoedazzle over the knee boots shoes booties womens fashion leah little travel fashion
Over the knee boots from Shoedazzle. Get them for $10!

2. Wide Selection

Once I signed up for Shoedazzle, I was really impressed by the wide selection. To be honest, quite a bit of the Shoedazzle inventory is, shall we say, not the classiest. I would like to see them improve the taste of the selection overall. However, I am glad that I did not let that immediately turn me off. There are thousands of shoes available. If you sift through some of the less desirable options, I promise there is gold there to be found.

I have gone to Shoedazzle looking for a specific type of shoe (like over the knee boots or sweater cuff boots) and found exactly what I was looking for. I have also just gone to Shoedazzle and browsed the selection and found pairs that I didn’t even know I wanted (like these ombre glitter loafers).  No matter what your style or shoe needs, I am confident that you will find what you are looking for.

shoedazzle sweater cuff booties shoes women's fashion clothing leah little travel fashion
I LOVE these sweater cuff booties I purchased from Shoedazzle

3. Earn Reward Points

As you know, my blog’s tagline is Enjoy Champagne Taste in Travel and Fashion, but on a Beer Budget. One of my favorite ways to make my money stretch further for the things I love is reward points! I mean, its free money! OK, not exactly free, but you know what I mean. Shoedazzle also has a reward point program. You earn 25 points for every $1 spent. At 2500 points you can redeem for 20% off one item, at 4500 points you can redeem for 30% off one item, and for 6500 points you can redeem for 40% off one item. That means you only need to spend $100 before your first reward. The discounts are taken on top of the VIP member discounts and sale prices!

shoedazzle booties boots shoes women's fashion clothing leah little travel & fashion vio membership

4. Stay on Trend

Now, if there is one type of clothing I definitely do not need more of, it is shoes. (Just ask Travis as he climbs my shoe mountain to get out the door). But, I feel like shoe trends change more quickly than any other type of clothing. The same cardigan or pair of jeans will last on trend for at least a few years. Each season though, shoe trends can vary quite a bit! Especially when you live in a climate like Michigan where the shoes needed in winter are vastly differently than the shoes needed in summer. See my post on The Biggest Shoe Trends for Fall 2018 for brand new styles in just the last 1-2 years! Signing up for a Shoedazzle VIP Membership will ensure that you have access to the latest styles each new season.

shoedazzle otk boots booties shoes women's clothing leah little travel fashion
Obsessed with these overt-the-knee boots from Shoedazzle. The material is just like suede.

5.  Clothing and Accessories

My final reason to give Shoedazzle a try is their selection of clothing and accessories! Shoedazzle is not just for shoes. They have very reasonably priced women’s clothing; everything from outerwear, to casual dresses, to cardigans, to pants. Shoedazzle also offers a variety of handbags. I just purchased several crossbody bags during a sale when every handbag on their site cost just $15 each!

shoedazzle handbag sale leah little travel fashion
Oh, and the shipping was free!
shoedazzle oxfords shoes boots booties heels flats women's clothing leah little travel & fashion
I purchased these black cutout oxfords using my Shoedazzle VIP Membership

The Verdict: Worth it

I definitely would recommend Shoedazzle, specifically the VIP Membership. It would be worth it even just for one month for the $10 first style. That was my plan at first, but I have kept my membership for several months now because I always find something I like, or can easily skip the month if I do not want to be charged.


Click on the ad below to sign up! Then let me know what you think!


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