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How To Get Gucci at a Bargain

how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion logo

Gucci is definitely the hot luxury brand at the moment. Gucci shirts, Gucci belts, Gucci bags. They are everywhere! It seems every fashion influencer on social media can be seen with these items lately.

Although I am a lover of affordable fashion, I do enjoy a designer item from time to time. In fact, I prefer to mix high-end items with more affordable pieces. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing an outfit from Target… if you’re carrying a Gucci bag, you’ll still look chic af!

If you want to add some Gucci for designer flare to your wardrobe, follow my tips below to get Gucci at a bargain. These tips will truly allow you to enjoy champagne taste in fashion, but on a beer budget!

Buy Used

how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion print bag

The best way to score authentic Gucci at a bargain price is to buy used. I mean, if you pay full retail for a brand new item, it will be used after a week anyway, right?

If buying Gucci (or any designer item) secondhand, I would first use a trusted site. My favorites sites are eBay, Poshmark, LetGo, The Real Real, and ThredUp. Check out these secondhand listings I found in a quick search:

Gucci Belt.           Retail: $450          ThredUp: $200
Gucci Leather Bag.        Retail: $750         Poshmark: $150

Click the ads below to try out The Real Real or ThredUp. They are great for more than just Gucci!

When buying a designer item secondhand, be sure to follow the following suggestions:

  1. Ask for detailed photos of the actual item. If the listing only shows stock photos from the Gucci website, don’t buy it! These photos should show indicators of authenticity; such as the inside label, tags, stamped logo on zippers, authenticity card, or dust bag.
  2. Ask about the condition of the item and ask to see close up photos of any reported damage. A good listing will already have this information, but it never hurts to ask. Typical condition categories include New With Tags (NWT), Like New, and Used (in decreasing order of condition).
  3. Compare pricing with other items. Pricing for secondhand items varies widely. One person may barely discount the item at all from full retail, whereas another person will list the same item in the same condition for significantly less. Always see if you can find another listing for the same or similar item for less!
  4. Be flexible or be patient. Since buying secondhand is completely dependent on the listings available, you may not find exactly what you want immediately. Either be flexible and settle for a similar item to the one you want, or keep checking back to catch a listing for a very specific item.

Buy Replica

how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion gucci belt

If used items are still too expensive, or you cannot find the exact item you are looking for, then you can buy fake Gucci. Of course this is illegal, so be careful! Replica designer items will vary HUGELY in quality, but the hunt for a good replica is part of the fun!

Many cities’ Chinatowns have fake designer items available. My favorite is Chinatown in Manhattan, NYC. You won’t see replica Gucci in the store windows, but just ask store owners for what you want or ask the people standing on the street. They will make several phone calls and lead you to several different locations until they connect with the person that has the goods.

Finding good fugazi while traveling is also fun. I recently traveled to the Bahamas, and they have lots of stores with designer replicas. This is much less shady than the Chinatown shopping, if that freaks you out!

Even Amazon is getting in on the replica game. Check out this Gucci Belt replica for $20!

When buying replicas, always haggle! This is again part of the fun. Never pay the price they first tell you.

Same Bag, 3 Prices

The Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Leather Bag. Easily the most popular Gucci Bag at the moment. It comes in three sizes: Super Mini – $890, Mini – $1,790 and Small – $1,980

You can pay the full retail price for the super mini at $890, plus tax

Or, you can pay $400 secondhand off this listing on Poshmark

Or, you can pay $50 (haggled down from $80) for a replica purchased in Nassau, Bahamas

Here are photos that include the new one, the secondhand one, and the replica…can you tell which is which??

how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion gucci marmont 1
how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion gucci marmont 2
how to get gucci at a bargain leah little travel & fashion gucci marmont stock
Are you on an extremely tight budget at the moment? Like a $0 budget? But do you still want to look stylish and have fun with fashion?? Then be sure to Join the 5 Day New Wardrobe Challenge!

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  1. I love this post. Gucci is the “thing” for teenagers these days. It’s good to have options that are more reasonable, although still not quite sure I would purchase for a 13 year old. For me, different story. I really like the bag comparison. You really can’t tell the difference.

    1. wanderlustleah13 says:

      I’m glad you like this post! And yes, I can’t imagine having wanted Gucci as a teenager!

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