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What to Pack for a Weekend in Vegas

Planning a summer trip to Las Vegas!? A weekend trip (or even just 24 hours) is all you need in Sin City. Before planning your vacation, be sure to follow my travel guide with outfit ideas on what to pack for a summer weekend in Vegas.

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Travel Essentials


If you are an efficient packer, then you may be able to get away with a carry-on. Always be sure to double-check your airline’s carry-on size requirements.

Personally, I have always hated checking a bag. I’m perpetually afraid of my luggage being lost (even though its never happened to me *knock on wood*), and I hate the extra step of waiting at baggage claim. BUT, I have recently stopped trying to stuff everything I want into a carry-on size, and I find I am happier having plenty of options. I guess I’d rather overpack than underpack.

These hardcase pieces from iFly are awesome. They are super affordable, and are even available at your local Walmart. They are durable and of good quality, and come with a 10 Year Warranty. Most importantly, they come in a ton of fun colors! I suggest you get a color that will be distinctive enough to tell apart from all the other (usually black) luggage at the carousel.

iFly luggage comes in kids, carry-on, medium, and large sizes; and a 2 piece and 3 piece set.

Makeup Bags

Next, you will need smaller makeup bags for makeup, other toiletries, and jewelry. For carry-ons, TSA regulations require resealable bags be no more than one quart in size, and liquids be no more than 3.4 oz.

To remain organized, I place all my travel sized shower toiletries (don’t forget your razor and shower cap!) in a hanging bag. This gets unfolded and hung up right in the shower. No need for extra shelves if your hotel shower doesn’t have any!

I use 3 smaller makeup bags to organize 1. makeup/jewelry, 2. travel sized bathroom counter toiletries (like night cream, toothbrusth, etc)., and 3. hair products. This keeps all my toiletries organized and easy-to find.

Tote Bag

Whether you carry-on or check your luggage, you are also allowed to bring one personal item. Again, check with your airline’s personal item size requirements. Typically, the personal item will be the size of a large purse, small backpack, or laptop bag.

I’m a purse gal, so I bring a tote bag as my personal item. Be sure to put all medications and valuables in this bag (in case your checked luggage gets lost) and anything else you may need your first 24 hours. I always bring my phone charger, eye mask, DSLR camera, a book, snack, and facial cleansing wipes (that recycled air makes my oily skin so gross!) in my tote bag.

Pro Tip: Target always has cute tote bags.

Sleeper Scarf

One of my new favorite travel items is this sleeper scarf. Its a cute infinity scarf with a removable, inflatable neck pillow inside! Its great for shorter flights on which you may want to take a nap. For overnight and long-hauls, I still recommend a traditional neck pillow.

Outfit Ideas

vegas weekend summer outfit sundress neon lights

I always love dressing to theme, and what better theme than summer in Vegas!? For me, Vegas is an excuse to wear clothing that is skimpier, brighter, and more sparkly than my day-to-day clothing.

Pool parties

If you are traveling to Vegas in the summer, then pool parties are a must! That scorching desert sun is almost unbearable during the day, so why not soak it in at the pool. Whether you are going for chill, family-friendly, or rowdy, Vegas has a pool for that.

vegas weekend summer outfit pool parties

I wore this skimpy red bikini to Tao Beach. It was fun to wear something I wouldn’t dare to wear at home. You can wear any type of one piece or bikini and fit right in. If you are eating, drinking, or lounging at the pool, you won’t want to put real clothes on in the heat, so be sure to bring a swimsuit coverup. Below are some ideas.

Wedge sandals are the shoe of choice for pool parties. They are open toe sandals, which is important for the heat, but the wedge heels will make your legs look fab in your swimsuit.

Day Wear

vegas weekend summer outfit romper venetian

If you plan to sightsee or shop during the day instead of hitting the pool, be sure to dress for the hot weather! A lightweight romper, shorts and tank, or sundress will be perfect. You will likely do a lot of walking, so I recommend comfortable sandals or sneakers.


vegas weekend summer outfit bellagio

If you plan to go late-night bar hopping on the strip or clubbing, be sure to come prepared. The nightclubs are especially strict with their dress code for men. For men, be sure to bring dress shoes (no sandals or sneakers), pants (no shorts or jeans), and a collared shirt. Sorry men, you are going to be hot. For the ladies, you can wear a skirt or dress with heels and be fine.

vegas weekend summer outfit little black dress

For our night out clubbing, I wore this bodysuit that has neon fringe (how fun is that!?) and a faux leather skirt with heels. For cocktails at the casino bars, I wore a simple black dress (with a hot pink bralette, because obvi). Regardless what you plan to do, at least bring one little black dress and pair of heels.


  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Straplets
  • Belt Bag (aka fanny pack)


  • Excedrin migraine
  • Tums
  • Sunscreen
  • Ca$h

For ideas on where to go and what to eat, visit my 24 Hours in Las Vegas post

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