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Eyelash Extensions and Spa Facial at Caidy Marie Beauty

A much-needed spa day in metro-Detroit

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Caidy Marie Beauty. All opinions are my own.

OK, ladies (and maybe gents, and neither and both)….2020 has been a YEAR! Amiright!? And it is only the beginning of August, and I have a feeling the rest of this year has quite a few more wild bumps left in store for us. It has been forever since I’ve gotten any beauty services done at a salon, with the most recent being my microbladed brows. So, when I had the opportunity to partner with Caidy Marie Beauty in Utica, Michigan I cannot express how ready I was.

Caidy Marie Beauty is a fully service salon and spa with hair, skin, makeup, and more. Today, my appointment included a signature facial with Angel and eyelash extensions with Caidy herself. The salon closed to other patrons, so that I was the only client in the building. They also took my temperature, had me use hand sanitizer as I came into the building, and all the staff wore masks. I felt completely the safe the entire time.

For the signature facial, Angel took me into a private room with soft music playing and dim lighting. I immediately felt the vibe shift. She instructed me to change into a robe then lie down on the table. When I was ready, she came back into the room and began her magic. The signature facial includes looking at your skin under special lights to diagnose your specific skin type, to tailor your facial to your individual skin’s needs. Angel found that I had oiliness in my t-zone and dryness around my chin, so she followed a combination skin protocol.

Lash extensions spa facial metro detroit salon spa michigan beauty blogger

The signature facial included neck, shoulder, arm, and scalp massages. She also used various treatments on my skin. I honestly don’t know what miracle salves she slathered on my face but it felt heavenly and left my skin feeling so soft. I was so sad after 60 minutes when it was all over. I was definitely blissed out!

Lash extensions spa facial metro detroit salon spa michigan beauty blogger Leah Little Travel & Fashion

Next up, were my eyelash extensions with Caidy. She gives you two options, dramatic or natural. My day job is office professional, and I was worried about looking too intense, so I went for the natural look. Once again, Caidy had me lie down while she applied the lashes to my lids. This process was a little uncomfortable, just because I kept wanting to open my eyes, but it was not painful at all. Just imagine someone glueing individual eyelashes to your lids for almost an hour.

Once this process is finished, Caidy explained the maintenance process. I have to avoid excessive exposure to water, excessive sweating, or submerging them under water (face washing or regular shower is OK) for the first 24 hours. I will need to be mindful not to rub my eyes of course while I have the lash extensions. She also gave me a clean spoolie brush for brushing my lashes each day to keep them straight. The lashes will last 2-3 weeks, then I will come back in for a fill appointment. This is less intensive than the first appointment, and where I will have them filled in as needed.

The eyelash extensions are so beautiful and perfectly curled! They would also be great for anyone with naturally blonde or light eyelashes since the extensions are tinted dark. It is so amazing to not need any mascara. To be honest, they are a little uncomfortable initially. I can definitely feel them in the corners, and can tell they are there. I am writing this 2 days after getting them done, so this may change…stay tuned. In the end, my only regret is going natural. I am going for all the drama at the fill appointment babay!!

Lash extensions spa facial metro detroit salon spa michigan beauty blogger

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